Monday, June 27, 2011


Hello, Poets House.Poets House* is the kind of place I start to feel guilty about if I haven't gone to it in a while. It's like visiting your grandma's (the more intense one's) house, except she isn't there, and you can just hang out in her library, and feel a general wave of encouragement, and get your dose of that everything-is-ok feeling.

So, for those of you, like me, who have been neglectful, or who have not been neglectful because you don't yet know about Poets House (that's a different kind of larger metro-neglect) tomorrow night is the launch of its 2011 SHOWCASE which, based on last year's numbers, will feature more than 2,000 books of poetry—all published this year.

Not only will they be there, I'll be there too** And everybody else.

Maggie, the librarian, is waiting for you. You're waiting for you.

*Plug: I'll be part of the showcase reading on Th. 7/14
** Plug 2: Not only that, but once this launches, you'll be able to search their online directory and find everything still there, waiting for you at Poets House .