Monday, November 8, 2010

What I Want for Christmas

Because now that you know, who knows?

1) The Grand Piano Box-set, $90

The laundry is done. Go pick it up.

2) Wave Books Annual Subscription, $75/$295

This laundry service provides free delivery and one-year plans.

3) Ugly Duckling Presse Subscription, $12/$150

Your laundry has been turned into beautiful paper versions of your clothes that you prefer to the originals.

4) Translating Translating Apollinaire, $120

Your laundry is one of the premier works of experimental translation in the 20th century.

5) Mes inscriptions, 1934-1944, $54.71

The laundry metaphor has stopped making sense. Nonetheless, I want this.

I scanned my rare library's copy of this back in the day, since it's impossible to find physically. Thus it's up to Santa to find it. Or, you can download it here thanks to Avant que j'oublie.

7) Cash
8) Cash 4 Gold
9) Love
10) Protection from Krampus, Santa's evil brother.